Poker as a mind sport

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For the first time, the annual Inter, a South American athletic and sports competition, includes poker as a mind sport. News Tracker Data Directory Explore Reports Newsletter Subscribe Today Buy Now Sign In Sections Tracker Data Directory Explore ...

"The main objective is to promote poker as a game of skill, a mind-sport, and to take it away from just being associated with casinos and gambling," said Peter Alson, president of the USPF. Poker is getting a new lease of life in India as a skill ... Poker is a mind game that is being embraced by Indians as a viable, and lucrative, profession now. Playing cards has been a popular hobby and somewhat of a tradition in India. But only in recent years has poker emerged from the shadow of gambling. It is now being recognised as a game, a sport that requires a specific Poker officially accepted as mind sport -

Things are going well for me in 2013, as I'm playing a lot of poker and also having a chance to do other fun things like play golf and enjoy myself. I'm also getting increasingly involved in hosting poker tournaments for some businesses and other groups, thereby introducing poker to a variety of

Poker to be recognised as a Mind Sport The game takes one step closer to being recognised as a sport, as poker is put forward as a potential member of a major sporting federation. SportAccord is an umbrella organisation for all Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations, which has among other things helped provide expertise for anti-doping Is Poker Considered a Sport? - 888poker Magazine Jan 01, 2017 · So let's begin by looking at poker's official classification. Believe it or not, poker is in fact considered a sport, a mind sport to be precise, having being accepted as so by the IMSA in 2010 (the guys in charge of that kind of thing). Page 2 : Does poker qualify as a sport?

Poker Accepted as a Mind Sport, Schwartz Flying High in ... Poker will now take place at the IMSA World Mind Sport Games, which will run alongside the 2012 Olympics in London. Poker icon Doyle Brunson commented “The IFP deserves our thanks and congratulations. I believe that history will show this was a key moment for poker. The First Ever Original In-School Poker Club (A Mind Sport ... The First Ever Original In-School Poker Club (A Mind Sport), New York, NY. 173 likes. The Mathematics, Philosophy, and Psychology Through Tournament Card...

UK author Anthony Holden is celebrating today after the International Federation of Poker have helped get poker recognised as a mind sport. Live Events 1 888poker XL Blizzard PokerNews News News Poker Players Poker Tweets Podcast Videos Strategy ... Page 2 : Does poker qualify as a sport? In other words, in Kornheiser's opinion, poker is not a sport. ... And the reality is that big-time poker provides just about the most intense pressure the fertile mind of man can create -- not to ... International Federation of Match Poker - Wikipedia The International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) is a non-profit organization whose stated purpose is to "serve as the global governing body for Match Poker". IFMP is incorporated as a legal entity pursuant to articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code and is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. How is Poker a sport? - Quora